SnoopVacs™: Next Generation Checkpoint Control Vaccines

Targeting difficult antigens

Our modular vaccine technology builds on a species-specific generic section coupled with the specific antigen. This allows the CD32-mediated triggering of plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) to produce large amounts of Th1-inducing cytokines through a specific interaction with the Toll Like Receptor 9 (TLR9), which therefore serves as intrinsic “adjuvant”. The vaccine antigen can be peptides, neoantigens and proteins, all are able to activate antigen-specific T and B cells depending on the design.

The technology has been shown in vivo to work with tumor related antigens and allergens in a most-effective way, i.e. fast onset of a dose-dependent immune response with extremely high titers.

BESTcell™: Stable Mammalian Cells - for R&D and Production

Fast track development

Through collaboration we have preferred access to The Antibody Lab's BESTcellTM expression system. This technology enables stable cell line development for protein production at high yields within 3 weeks compared to the 6 month’s industry standard.  Use of BESTcell™ stable cell lines during the entire R&D process and during GMP manufacture may reduce overall drug discovery and production timelines by an estimated 2 years. 

BESTcellTM is a trademark of The Antibody Lab GmbH